About Stratford FM

Stratford FM is formally known as “Stratford Town Radio” took a short break from broadcasting due to financial reasons, now with funding & backing Stratford FM a community based radio station and is here to provide local news, information and a wide range of music to the people of Stratford upon Avon.

Anyone living, working, being educated or trained in Stratford upon Avon, can benefit from Stratford FM and the services / information it provides.

Stratford FM’s stated objects are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to any of the following:

Create, facilitate and advance new information, education, training and entertainment opportunities through a range of activities for the public; making new connections between people of all ages, races and backgrounds; giving rise to personal and social development opportunities, capacity-building and contributing to community regeneration; and consulting with and developing meaningful long-term links between individuals, families, groups and organisations from a wide community of interest and from all areas, to share experience and expertise, advancing active involvement in the social and economic development of local communities. Broadcast and otherwise provide to the people of Stratford upon Avon and the surrounding areas, material of local interest through radio, internet, performance and any other form of communication.

Our Vision

Stratford FM will provide a range of media services based around, but not restricted to, community radio produced in Stratford upon Avon that:

  1. Promotes discussion on topics of local interest and relevance;
  2. Provides entertainment;
  3. Promotes and provides material of educational value;
  4. Engages the community in management and decision making.

Our Aims

1. To provide high quality radio, in terms of sound, programme content and clarity of expectation, for the people of Stratford upon Avon and beyond that is unique in terms of its mix of news, information, discussion, drama, comedy and not least music; its focus on the local area; and the platform it provides for community members to broadcast.

2. To maintain a broadcast studio in Stratford upon Avon.

3. To provide ongoing training and mentoring for local people and a wider audience to enable them to plan, record, edit, present and produce material for broadcast to the local community.

4. Actively create opportunities and encourage local people to treat Stratford FM and its studio as a resource and to become involved in all aspects of its running from day-to-day.

5. To carry out other activities that support and enable the broadcast, training and management activities of Stratford FM.

6. To become a full time FM radio station within our five year plan.